Take Control
of your utilities


Save Time
managing Your Site


Save Money
on utility BILLS

HELP the Environment
Reduce Your Impact


Who is our monitoring service for?

  • Schools, TAFEs and Universities
  • Councils
  • Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities
  • Farms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Industrial Plants
  • Commercial Offices
  • Pools
  • Restaurants
  • Utilities (distribution or retail)

Our clients achieve savings of 10-20% on their annual bills, some up-to 50%.
Based on our costs we'll save money for any organisation who's bills are just $2,500 p.a. or larger.



How it works

  1. We monitor consumption with smart metering hardware.
  2. Data is sent to our platform wirelessly.
  3. We process the data for viewing and issue alarms.

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What can you actually do with our platform?


1. Receive notifications about   important events

- Detect leaks the moment they occur (save big $).
- Get told immediately when consumption hits your chosen limit.
- Receive alerts about unexpected behaviour e.g. zero consumption
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2. Easily track consumption across   all your SItes and meters

- View all your consumption at a glance, on a single page.
- Smartly compare current consumption against historical.
- Predict costs for the remaining year (financial & calendar).
+ More


3. Get visibility AND UNDERSTANDING
  OF Your site activities

- Use chart profile to review high-use activities on their efficiency.
- Identify and review un-expected activities based on chart profile.
- Use consumption characteristics for operational reasons.
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4. View and Calibrate to verify your data Integrity

- View current meter dial, as seen on the physical meter, aka AMR.
- Verify system data when needed, with instant results.
- Export raw meter data in spreadsheet form, with two clicks.
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Read more about our platform here.


Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that works for you.



$5Per meter per month billed annually or $6 month to month.
Our Platform
Your Hardware
Free Setup


$21Per meter per month billed annually or $24 month to month.
Our Platform
Our Hardware
$99 Setup Per Meter


$29Per meter per month billed annually or $33 month to month.
Our Platform
Our Hardware
Advice, Analysis,
Monitoring & Support
$99 Setup Per Meter

GST not included.

Compare plans in more detail here.


About us

Meteorite Monitoring is an Australian based locally-owned company, specialising in 24/7 smart metering for water, electricity and gas. Our smart metering managed service will save you money.

Our online platform is built with cutting-edge web technology and we use the latest IoT smart metering hardware operating on the most advanced LPWAN and 4G networks. Our platform's intuitive easy to use interface requires no training.

On top of our smart metering offering, we also offer advice, analysis and support to ensure you get results and maximise your savings with our platform. 

Read more about us here.


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